The Choice is Clear - DURALINER™ PLUS and DURALUX™ PLUS

We're changing the colour of the coating on Duraliner™ Plus and Duralux™ Plus from green to clear to give a more consistent appearance making them easier to finish with either paint or tiles.

Duraliner™ Plus is a general purpose product designed for flush jointing.  Duraliner™ Plus is recessed on 3 edges which means less grinding on site. Duraliner™ Plus is highly effective in wet areas, interior linings, as a substrate for ceramic wall tiles and in fire and acoustically rated walls.  Duraliner™ Plus can also be used for soffits and other external applications where there'll be no direct impact from the weather.

Duralux™ Plus is another general purpose product but its square edges provide a geometric finish.  Duralux™ plus can be used in many different and demoing applications such as interior lining, domestic and commercial soffits, exposed beam ceilings and as a substrate for ceramic wall tiles. 

Fire and Acoustic (March 2013)

BGC Plasterboard is pleased to announce the launch of Version 2 of the BGC Fire and Acoustic Guide.

The BGC Plasterboard Fire and Acoustic Guide has been designed to assist in the selection of the correct system for your project when fire and acoustic properties are required.

The BGC Plasterboard Fire and Acoustic Guide has been designed to assist architects, specifiers, designers, builders and contractors in finding the best solution for the needs of their project

The updated Fire and Acoustic guide contains new exterior wall systems featuring both BGC Fibre Cement and BGC plasterboard products.  Column and Beam information has also been added to this updated version as well as updates to the existing systems.



BGC Launches Durafloor™ and Stratum™ (March 2013)

BGC Fibre Cement is proud to introduce Innova's latest products, Stratum™ and Durafloor™ to its product range.

Stratum™ is an innovative trio of plank products, each of which can be used as stand alone products or used together to create a striking exterior cladding solution. Providing a modern alternative to traditional weatherboards Stratum™ is a wide plank with a 16mm horizontal joint.

Stratum™ Duo is again a wide plank but features a groove in the centre of the plank giving the appearance when installed of 2 thinner planks.

Stratum™ Contour completes the trio and is a thinner plank featuring a 2mm deep indentation at the top of each plank.


Durafloor™ is the first flooring product to be launched under the Innova brand. Durafloor™ is the ultimate flooring products which can be used in both exterior and interior applications.

Durafloor™ uses the same tongue and groove technology as traditional sheet flooring such as Structaflor so can work alongside these other products creating a seamless project.

Durafloor™ is perfect for interior wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries but is also ideal for use on exterior areas such as balconies and verandas.

Both Stratum™ and Durafloor™ are easy to install using gun nailing, manual nailing or screw fixing.